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  • Who we are and why we are?



    URET is not just a Reverse Engineering Team but it is a dream of four individuals who came up together to put life in each other’s passion for Reverse Engineering forming the soul of what URET is today. The shape is sculptured by the continuous efforts of the most dedicated Team members who are equally passionate and are always ready to carry forward the tasks that come in their way removing the barriers which try to hinder their motivation in the true spirits of a Team working for each other, with each other and ultimately for URET. We feel proud to say that URET is a global team having team members from different countries which also shows that the flame and passion for Reverse Engineering is global and we do bypass the differences of what the nations are divided upon in the name of caste, creed, religion, region and all other non-sense for our common passion for Reverse Engineering.


    Looking at the past, URET was also not the same what it appears today. It started with two individual teams IREC and Rec ICG working separately from each other, living with the passion of their own. But the saying “Unity is strength” came to realty when both the team leaders realized that there is a great possibility to be a better team if working together for the common passion of Reverse Engineering. Thus forming the united team called as URET. With time new members formed the pillars of the structure making it more majestic. New ideas with experiments and observations we are trying to make URET a better team every day. We are open to individuals who wish to be a part of the team and want to contribute to the scene.


    Apart from team members the visitors, forum members and other team members also play an important role of keeping the process of progress rolling. We are very much thankful to them for their suggestions, knowledge sharing and rectifications with open hearted support that they provide for the development of the URET. With above 1000 releases we have showed our will and ability of what we can do but you will have to wait a bit more to see what we are capable of doing. We do not consider ourselves to be the best as we know we are yet far behind but we are into the process of progress to become the one among the best very soon. We at URET have the passion beyond imagination for Reverse Engineering. If you too have the passion beyond imagination for RCE and fire to do anything for the Team then contact us as we are waiting for you to come aboard.

    Staff URET.


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