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  2. ImFaisal

    Vmprotect 3.x + Dongle Cracking tutorial

    Copy These Two DLL's into Your Ollydbg Folder Enjoy Aesculapius OllyDbg Version Use This File If You're Using Ollydbg v1.1.0 OllyTab110.dll Use This File If You're Using Ollydbg v2.0.1 OllyTab201.dll For HardwareBreakPoints Use This DLL For Both Versions ZsHBPBar.dll
  3. Harrysu96

    Hi Everyone

    Hi People, After sometime of browsing as a guest I’ve finally decided to join properly! I’m only on here to further my knowledge and have a good time.
  4. Crazy Cracking

    [ C/C++ Essential Training ]

    Link is expired, don't Mind if you have this file, then please reupload it, because i need it
  5. Phoenix

    Hi All

    Welcome to URET. Enjoy your stay.
  6. Phoenix

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to URET. Enjoy your stay.
  7. Phoenix

    Hello World

    Hello! Welcome to URET. Enjoy your stay.
  8. night_mare007

    JEB - The Interactive Android Decompiler 2.2.7

    Source well - problem is - that "loader.zip" which includes the crack - is NOT avaliable to download for unregistered users. even though I have QQ profile - that forum's registry process require more then simple QQ account... bahh. if someone could get that "loader.zip" it would be perfect.
  9. Phoenix

    Assalamu'alaikum ... Haiiii Bro Sis ^_^... Ane From Indonesia

    Welcome to URET.
  10. KeyserSöze


    links are dead. no surprise. zippyshare kills links after 30 days of no downloads. download that, and much more, here: http://libgen.io/search.php?&res=100&req=ida+pro&phrase=1&view=simple&column=def&sort=year&sortmode=DESC
  11. link died. no surprise, zippyshare would've killed it in 30 days without download. considering the size of this forum, and how frequently someone would visit this forum, and even how frequently someone would arrive at this post, and download this file, it is a surprise that zippyshare was chosen to host the file. a better choice would've been ulozto.net. anyways, you can still find it here: http://libgen.io/search.php?req=Covert+Java+&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=1&column=def
  12. KeyserSöze

    For any one need book

    another site worthy of consideration: http://www.foxebook.net/ and if it all fails, try to find it here: https://ulozto.net/
  13. KeyserSöze

    For any one need book

    mate, this is THE site for downloading books. you probably did not figure out how this site works. clicking on the search results you arrive on the page of the title. clicking on the cover, or title you arrive directly on the download link hosted by libgen themselves. there, click on get it. right now they limit to 3 simultaneous downloads. however, sometimes the libgen hosted file is not there, takes too long, whatever. on the title's page, there are other places that host that exact file (same hash). so, clicking on Libgen.pw, Libgen.io, Gen.lib.rus.ec, Bookzz.org, of whatever down there at the bottom, takes you to that server's download page for that file. indeed we should not click everywhere or anywhere on the net. however, the likelihood of the thread author publishing a shady link, in this forum, I'd say is pretty small. I believe such a post would not live for long. therefore, such a recommendation is worthy of explorarion. and clicking around until exhausting completely all possibilities. that site is great, and that is a great recommendation. not using it, it is a disservice to yourself.
  14. KeyserSöze

    The Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics

    links are dead. however, that and more of the author's stuff can be found here: http://libgen.io/search.php?&res=100&req=Number+Sense+Dehaene+Stanislas+&phrase=1&view=simple&column=def&sort=year&sortmode=DESC
  15. KeyserSöze

    The Art of Assembly Language 2nd Edition (by Randall Hyde)

    try to find it here http://libgen.io/search.php?&req=Art+of+Assembly+Language+&phrase=1&view=simple&column=def&sort=year&sortmode=DESC
  16. KeyserSöze

    Introduction to Cryptography

    no need to reupload. just get yourself a good source of stuff. gorge yourself here: http://libgen.io/search.php?&res=100&req=Introduction+to+Cryptography&phrase=1&view=simple&column=def&sort=year&sortmode=DESC and here: http://www.foxebook.net/
  17. KeyserSöze

    Assembly Language for x86 Processors (7th Edition)

    link died. however, it can be found here: http://libgen.io/search.php?req=Assembly+Language+for+x86+&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def
  18. KeyserSöze

    Assembly Language for x86 Processors 6th edition

    it is zippyshare, so it would obviously die soon. however, it can still be found here: http://libgen.io/search.php?req=Assembly+Language+for+x86+&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def
  19. Yesterday
  20. Kirlif'

    Smob - Mod obfuscation tool v2.8

    Updated to v2.8
  21. Kirlif'

    Smob - Mod obfuscation tool v2.8

    v2.7 What's New - introduced new random patches Download Instructions: Linux OS: Smob (linux64) v2.7.zip Windows OS: Smob (win64) v2.7.zip
  22. KeyserSöze

    Ebook Repository

    well, since the topic is about books, then: http://www.foxebook.net/ great site with mostly computer/technical books. sometimes there are some rarities here. libgen.io this is possibly the best place to find books. possibly they have it all out there.
  23. KeyserSöze

    Computer Viruses: from theory to applications

    sadly, the links are dead. if someone is interested, this title (and many more) can be found here: http://libgen.io/search.php?req=computer+Viruses+filiol&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def
  24. Vinnu

    Vmprotect 3.x + Dongle Cracking tutorial

    PLz share Aesculapius dbg
  25. Muhammad Abdillah Syahri

    Uret Android Reverser Toolkit

    I take permission tq
  26. Muhammad Abdillah Syahri

    new member from indonesia

    hallo kacungpost... selamat belajar hihii
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