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  5. A solid understanding of the tools showcased in this tutorial will lead to better comprehension of Photoshop in general.
  6. Getting Started With Photoshop It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of graphic design, or you are a photographer and you want to enhance your photos, you will eventually encounter the need to use Adobe Photoshop. Remembering when I first started out, I recall how intimidated I was at all of the menus and features available. I wondered how I would ever begin to know how to work my way through Photoshop and create professional quality, eye-dazzling work. Years later, I use Photoshop on a daily basis, and my actions are more like reflexes and I can complete most tasks without a second thought. I won’t lie to you. You won’t be able to go from getting started, to pro overnight, but you can take comfort in knowing that everyone has to start somewhere. ........ Read the full tutorial here.
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  8. Ioncube.Encoder PRO v9.0-Retail

    omly for the old one, I can check maybe I find something, because I lost last time a lot of data's
  9. Ioncube.Encoder PRO v9.0-Retail

    Might you know of any, or be able to recommend any decoders?
  10. Ioncube.Encoder PRO v9.0-Retail

    No you will find some Decoder but nut for ioncube 9
  11. Ioncube.Encoder PRO v9.0-Retail

    Will this decode ION encoded scripts?
  12. Ioncube.Encoder PRO v9.0-Retail

    Each lic*.txt generatet per machine basis. Will not work that way. Please re up, all links are dead p.s. have older encoder_gui patched (v6) example of "lic*.txt" key https://pastebin.com/gHeY2D7R
  13. Todo for next uret patcher update - android 8 patching support - fix logging on android 8 - automatic analysis of instruction set 64/32 bit itself on 64bit os - add options to disable animations of activity - change lp package name to hide it as it has new packages - hide xposed installer from other apps - stop target app automatically when enabling emulation - alternate for support emulate - remove more ads from different providers not only google - signature verify hook alternate to freecore(freedom) ,signature verification to true(LP) - add password for patcher launch - some other fixes in core engine and type fixes and some other changes
  14. EDIT :- android 8 patch fixed will be supported in new update ,but i guess LP update will come before UP OLD :- Dalvik and code patch will not work on Android 8 Oreo at the moment as UP uses odex type patch mechanism same like LP for dalvik and code patch so neither UP works nor LP working on it hopefully it will be supported,brother chelpa is also working
  15. Low Poly Text Effect
  16. Photoshop Splatter tutorials

    Nice Photoshop Splatter tutorials
  17. update will take more than a month

    GRE ? sorry i am not ever going to USA would love to Canada and other countries though
  18. How is your GRE prep going on? Wish you best of luck
  19. i am too busy in real life,update will take more than a month as you can see last some major updates are cming exactly after 30days from last 4-5 updates but this time it may take a bit long,patcher is already stable will work as expected ,next update will just add some new features this is just a passion and free work so please do not email me when will be update ready exact date because i do not know myself and is done when i have free time cus it is not a job
  20. How does play store DRM work?

    Nice! you are good
  21. How does play store DRM work?

    RSA 2048 and later AES 256 We patch apps/system for that
  22. How does play store DRM work?

    If there is some cryptographic signing involved, how do you overcome such scheme?
  23. How does play store DRM work?

    License and inapp purchases ? check documentation in Android SDK in simple words app sends its package name,payload or nonce (random string/integer) to server to say it is send by itself and then server responds if the email address login in device the GOOGLE one have any license/purchases for that app to that user with that email along with same payload/nonce,that data is signed by private key of developer which is on google server which neither developer of app knows and public key is client. on receiving app checks if the data is legal now about copy protection,we say them tamper checks,app basically check their signature they are signed with to check if they have same hashcode etc which it was installed and here many things can be done but most wildly used is signature
  24. what this feature does is that when we hack any application for in app purchases there is option shown in fake pop up to STORE PURCHASE because apps keep checking on server if purchase is their own server whereas UP database work as offline legit server same as google and send the same data when app request it which is stored in sqlite database now when people install updates sometimes i change the package_name of patcher to keep patcher not detected by apps then when restoring this will also restore those saved purchase else user needed to buy the same app again but will not be required anymore
  25. Do you mean even if the namespace is different, I will be able to restore the in-app purchases. Please consider to add a feature to select the app for restoring backup.
  26. I would like to know the technical details in a simple language. What is really going on in the backgraound?
  27. well i am always working to expand the user experience and make the tool more easy to use and easy to setup/update i got to know when i was testing when i changed package name of patcher,i had bought some apps (in app purchase hacking) but after restoring settings the Stored database was gone which was saved in old package and now those apps became free version. how can i miss important feature ? Now in next update if the In-app purchases (stored purchases) database exist it will also backup it like when you use EXPORT SETTINGS option and if it doesnot exist it will simply backup settings. now when IMPORTING SETTINGS if backup found of stored purchases database then restore it ,if not found simply restore settings now it will be easy for users to migrate to/ update to different package and can have same settings/customizations/purchases bought with old versions saved Cool isn't it ?
  28. it was in my mind from very long but never got time to work on it,now the next update will bring new patch type which is such a beauty that it can patch license with quality, what we do is keygenning ? keygenning i love doing it sometimes my mind bring out brilliant ideas and the way i implement makes me love myself ,so have patience...
  29. Some people email me for asking the difference of emulations between them,i would like to clear couple of things in one place for all without giving much details and clearing basics. All three tools have License and Billing Hack for android apps and games Freedom -> It uses network parameters (ipv4) hacking like a man in the middle to make changes to result,the result is then passed to APP for verification and RSA Verification should be patched in System/App because the data sent is random. Lucky Patcher– > It uses Dominik hack method to redirect License/Billing To Lucky Patcher and send random data with (Integer value = 0 means licensed/in app purchased) to APP and RSA Verification should be patched in System/App because the data sent is random. Uret Patcher :- It uses Dominik hack method to redirect License/Billing To Uret Patcher and send random data to its OWN LIBRARY and it does not require RSA Verification Patching so it is undetectable on offline based apps. How it works (UP) ? The library of apps is hooked and replaced by Uret Hack library which is simple library without any verification and the final result is binded to app which means the verification process is skipped Small snipped // Original code private void checkverification(String data_recieved_from_server){ lets_check_verification(); if (verification_ok){ app_is_purchased(); }else{ app_is_not_purchased(); } } // modified code private void checkverification(String data_recieved_from_server){ uret_patcher_hook_and_data_return_always_purchased(); return; lets_check_verification(); if (verification_ok){ app_is_purchased(); }else{ app_is_not_purchased(); } } Hope it is clear now!! Best Regards, Jasi2169 i have only used these tools for hacking as these all 3 works in majority of the apps, some other tools came which did not work as expected, if you think i missed some other patching tool let me know which does work like above 3 not like work on only few apps. These above tools work by different means and have different way to do the same task so what matters is the outcome. Credits to bro ChelpuS for Lucky Patcher and madkite for Freedom for their work in their perspective tools,use whatever you wants or try all 3 if someone fails another may work. Have Fun!!
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