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Welcome To URET

We have strong faith in Unity in diversity and we respect every religion, caste, nation, etc. with equal value. Everyone is welcome to share their ideas and knowledge.


Stay safe online:-
 While using URET forums, your safety/security is our prime priority. Protect your privacy and stay safe online by following these simple guidelines: 
- Never give any correct information about yourself. Restrict your personal information such as your age, telephone/mobile number, your  residential address even if people ask for it.
- The only identity you should reveal on the forums is your registered username or your first name.
- Never send/post any picture/photograph of yourself, your family or your friends to anyone whom you don't  know. Even beware of  known or trusted people, they can misuse your identity and can put you in deep  troubles. 
- Never post your email or IP address on the forums.



New members:-

Welcome new members to the Forum! Help them learn how to find information and resources, so they will get involved in the community much faster and easier. Do not just point them to the search function or a search engine, but offer them constructive assistance and helpful links.


Respect Other Members:-
- Respect other Members and try to contribute to a nice ambiance on the forum. No personal attacks or provocation of other forum members will be tolerated.
- Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
- If you have any problem with any member or staff, please report it instantly to the URET Administrators/Moderators. 


- Each member should have only one account. If for any reason you want to change your user name, contact us and we will change it. 
- Creating multiple accounts will result in automatic ban of the additional account(s) and potential ban of the main account too.
- Vulgar, offensive, abusive or otherwise obscene names will be changed. Repeated violators will be banned permanently.
- Please avoid nude or otherwise lascivious avatars for your profile and/or signature. These will be removed, and a warning will be issued. Repeated violations will result in Account ban. 


Do not sign up with a Fake email address/Disposable email address:-

- we don't like disposable email addresses. There is no way for you to do a password reset or receive  

  PM notices without a valid email.
- if you can't trust us with your legitimate email address, don't register! Accounts with fake emails will

 be removed promptly without warning.



- All posts need to be in English language. Posts in other languages can be deleted so please use English  language. Don't apologize for your poor English, there are a lot of users including me who have problems  with English.
- Please use descriptive topic titles. Topics like "Help!", "Look", or "Error" is not acceptable and will be  removed.
- Do not post any comments containing racist, propaganda, hate, foul language and similar kind of  comments.
- Do not overly use CAPITALS or Bold font. Thread Subjects should not be in all CAPITALS.
- Don't advertise your website/forum/service/whatever in this forum.
- Do not bump your post; someone will answer it sooner or later. If not, then the topic might not be of interest.
- If a topic is locked by a Staff member, do not create another duplicate topic. Only write a post when it actually contains some useful information.  Posts like "Thank you" and "I agree" will be deleted.
- Do not post another member's personal information such as their email address, other website profiles, or any other sensitive material without the member’s permission. Such actions will result in your account ban.
- No links to child porn, anti-sites etc.
- Your posts may be edited in order to conform to copyright law.
- Use Search before requesting/ asking for help.
- Your posts should not contain any secret code or language. 

- please make use of the "Thanks" button, instead of posting a reply that merely says "thank you".





- Please keep special characters to a minimum.
- Keep Signatures Small and Clean. Recommended image size is 200px or less.
- You can have as many images as you want inside spoilers.
- Signatures should not contain any content that does not adhere to the Forum Rules.
- Use of profane images or text in signatures is strictly prohibited.
- IP trackers are not allowed. 


We allow attachments. Some file types are restricted. Users may upload up to two attachments per post. Attachments should only be posted in appropriate topics. Inappropriately placed attachments may be removed/deleted by a moderator or administrator.
- No attachment should be uploaded which contains commercial or copyright material.
 Presently the Attachment limits are as follows:
 Newbie: up to 5 Mb
 Junior Members: up to 10 Mb
 Members: up to 10 Mb
 Talent: up to 10 Mb
 Trail Members: up to 10 Mb 
 Team Members: up to 15 Mb
 VIP Members: up to 15 Mb 


Purpose of the Chatbox:- 
The purpose of the Chatbox is to let members interact with each other and have general conversations that  don’t necessarily deserve a new topic. Members can use the Chatbox to talk to each other quickly and  effectively without the need to create any forum topic. 

Rules of the Chatbox:- 
 The rules for using the Chatbox are almost same to our general forum rules, with a few additions. Our Admins/moderators will monitor the Chatbox and can edit/delete shouts and take further action against rule breakers if necessary. 
-You must have 5 legit posts before you are able to post in the Chatbox.
-No swearing.
-Don't spread negative rumors.
-Avoid trolling on the Chatbox.
-Avoid Over Caps Locking.
-No images larger than that of an emoticon even with spoiler tags. Large external emoticons that stretch the Chatbox format may only be used if posted in spoiler tags. 


Warnings and Bans:- 
Any forum member of any rank who violates these rules, with the exception of the violations listed below, will receive a Warning/Banning of account based on the severity of the violations. 
First warning: You will be warned and are asked to change your behaviour so it fits the forum rules. 
Second warning: It will be your Final Warning and you may be suspended for a few days. 
If repeated thrice: There will be no warning and will result in Permanent Ban from URET forum. 


Some FAQs and tips:- 


You must be registered in order to download files from our download manager. When a new file is submitted, Downloads automatically creates a new topic in the appropriate Forums for you, complete with file screenshots and direct download link.

What do I do if I am banned? 
Absolutely nothing. There is no second chance. If you believe you have been banned unjustly, you may contact us via FACEBOOK, or via our CONTACT US Form. Do not attempt to create another account. Please be ready to provide us with corroborating evidence that can prove you’re banning as unjust. 99.99% of unjust banning claims are proven to be false. 

How can I change my display name? 
Members are not permitted to change their display name by default. If for any reason you want to change your display name, you can contact us and we will change it for you.  

How can i join team URET?

Here we go


Trial Members:-

Trial members should show their worth within 2 months from the date of promotion to that rank. If the Admins are not satisfied with their performance then they can either extend their validity or can remove the member to their actual membership.


Why Donations? 
URET Forum is running on a Private server to provide you with the best performance & experience possible from our website. We never used any shared hosting. We own licensed IP.board, IP.download, IP.Pages and keep updating our licenses. URET is not a paid forum or host any type of distractive advertisement to generate revenue. Till date we have managed to keep it alive and attractive we will do it for the future also. In order to have some additional features installed to make your browsing even better and simpler we need your little help. Your every penny will count in keeping the forum alive and updated. All donations will be used to buy forum themes, plugins & tools to make the community better. Thank you for understanding.


These rules are for better functioning of the forum. So, please help us to serve you better.
Regards and best wishes.
Staff URET


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