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REPT Founder Selling Crack ?! WTF !

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I read this over other forum that mastermind is selling cracks at his own [ 2nd website ] with another identity - 


his website - http://requestcracks.net/ 


proof that he do so - 





This post was made yesterday only on some other forum . And see mastermind has changed his email from that website -


http://www.whoismind.com/email/[email protected]



What the shit is happening in the scene ! The founder of a good n reputed team [ i think so ]caught doing shameless activity . He is just destroying his team's name n fame . That is only the reason that many  person dislike mastermind . [ I can not mention the name of the person(s) who said me such ] . Many people are having disputes with REPT Founder - Mastermind  ;)


P.S - request your own license for cable software from here -

http://requestcracks.net/category/cable-software/ :haha:  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:  



P.S 1 - I am not having any personal dispute with mastermind or REPT , i just shared this so that all can know truth . 

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Good to see you awake but you are so late that the matter is over 1 year old.


Are you new to the scene ????


We are already aware of this matter as it was a hot topic at that period. There is no use in further discussion over this matter.

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Blue Indian

[Topic Locked]

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