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Unpacking Virtual Machine

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Hi i wanted some help or advice since i still dont fully understand how to unpack the files with this virtual machine i have gotten the main exe but guess what... It cant run cause it needs some dependencies on the virtual machine that i cant locate or register =S


So here is what i got:


1) i know the packer wraps all the dependencies dll ocx etc

2) it uses Aplib to decompress the files

3) decompresed it upload them on memory

4) It has a stub maybe a crypter / decrypter 


Im close to keygening this thing but i cant keygen without debugger (noob). The problem why i cant debug it is that the main exe is run from one of the threads and then the thread exits with code 0.


Also the unpacked exe got a lot of dependencies with some fancy dlls so im unable to debug it =( . 


Im facing to often this kinda protection of the virtual machines and i think that im not approaching the problem in the right angle.



Also i want to make a cool avatar for my forum profile =)


GifConverter.exe (vb5 - vb6)  <-------- here is the check for registered 

ActiveFFmpegControls.ocx     <-------- Some dll that wont work or its not correcly unpacked


Here is the setup link to target:




This is the unpacked exe and also the the ocx (1 of xxxx)





I also didnt know you can use word ptr[xxxxh ] on vb thats sure is new to me.








Any help is much appreciated =)

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I got it =)


ill make a tutorial of keygening with piranime cap 2 =) as soon as i finish keygening this.


Also if someone has a more elegant solution ill love to see it (wait for the tut .... ).

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