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File Kill 0.9

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Product Description

This application is designed to delete a file in a secure fashion. From 1 to 100 passes it will randomly overwrite data inside the file to make sure the original is not recovered at a later time.


  1. Shell Integration for easy access to the File Kill secure deletion engine.

  2. Multiple passes to destroy the file data and prevent recovery of said file.

Multi-Attack to destroy the files’ contents randomly at random locations.

Easy to use interface – Pause\Resume and Cancel buttons for full control of the program\File Kill Engine


This feature is a set of threads ranging from 30-50 to delete random parts of the file according to your selected pass count.

Think of it this way 30 threads * 3 passes so 90 random file parts get overwritten before the main function has been completed to ensure the file is in an unusable state in case of system failure. Now think of this 50 threads * 100 passes – The max protection method of this software!!!


System Functions Software takes no responsibility whatsoever for how this application is used and/also does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any files you decide to erase. Once the deletion process has begun there is no going back.

Support will be provided on the System Functions Software website using the feedback client on the left side of the home page.



File Kill.0.9.rar


Home page:http://sysfunctions.com/shop/file-kill/



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