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If you are familiar with Class Construction Kit
you will also be with this one.BcelEditor is a tool for the visual modification of Java class files.
It is implemented using BCEL. Sometimes values are not automaticaly updated
then an Update button is present on the right,
just click on it after you update textboxes! Only fields with final modifier can have an initial value.
Also the field type must be java.lang.String, boolean, byte, char, double, float, int, long or short.
For method the name of arguments should be like this:
"arg0" - first argument
"arg1" - second argument
Else parameters will be considered as being invalid!

Changes 1:
- Added "New Method" and "New Field"
- some editing bugs fixed

Changes 2:
- Added horizontall scroll on Methods Code!

- Fixed "any" exception type, now on Exception handlers enter "any" for any exception type
On method Code:
- added a checkbox which show if has StackMap
- added Remove StackMap button!
On Variables, Exception handlers and Line numbers added the ability to Remove all! 

Last changes (3):
- Added jar support: now you can select a class from jar,
- It will output as jar if save file name end with .jar (jar extension)! (But it takes some time!)



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Thanks a lot mate! Your tools are REALLY useful !

Just a question: did you upload/pick-up the wrong file (for this post) by mistake ?


Best Regards,


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Hi tonyweb. Redownload BcelEditor.zip from first post.
BcelEditor reuploaded, that should to the trick!

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