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UsedBy (Java)

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UsedBy  (Java)
This tools will search the place from where methods and fields are used
- the "Used by" option
for fields there is also an "Assigned by" option.When on derived classes are used methods/fields from base class
you could use the option "From derived classes" - this should be
choosed from base class.How to start: You could optionaly select the "Target directory" -
the directory where classes are!
Use Load from File menu to load classes,
if no "Target directory" is selected the search will happen
only on loaded classes.Please report any bug you may find!

UsedBy v2.0:
- Added ability to load multiple directories (Load directory)
- Added ability to load jar archives (Load)
- Now UsedBy can be also used for classes (to see which classes uses a class)

You can search for a method/field name using Search menu item.


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