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Denuvo in desperation, thanks to CPY, Baldman & mkdev

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Guys really great news... Denuvo is nearly defeated and on verge of desperation.


PS personal note: Let Mount&Blade:Bannerlord come, we are no longer afraid.


Anyway apart from Denuvo being taken down sucessfully the three diffreent guys, CPY, Baldman, mkdev

Here's what baldman wrote in RiMe's NFO


In Rime that ugly creature (Denuvo) went out of control – how do you like three fucking hundreds of THOUSANDS calls to “triggers” during initial game launch and savegame loading? Did you wonder why game loading times are so long – here is the answer. 

“In previous games like Sgw3, Nier, Prey there were only about 1000 “triggers” called, so we have x300 here. Next – 300,000 called “triggers” were just warm up for Denuvo, after 30 minutes of gameplay it became 2 f’ing MILLIONS of called “triggers”. Protection now calls about 10-30 triggers every second during actual gameplay, slowing game down. In previous games like Sgw3, Nier, Prey there were only about 1-2 “triggers” called every several minutes during gameplay, so do the math.” 

Only making matters worse, is the fact the triggers are heavily obfuscated under a virtual machine, which further affects performance


If what Baldman claims is true, it sounds like more than just a little desperation is in the air. Worryingly for Denuvo, not even throwing the kitchen sink at the problem has had much effect.


Source: Reddit, TF



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