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Armadillo Environment Variables Finder+Injector.1.3-PCL

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Armadillo Environment Variables Finder - is an auxiliary tool for the analysis of the dump or executable files after removing attachments tread Armadillo.It shows what the standard environment variables tread used and what standard features dynamic library ArmAccess.dll called.The search is performed both by ANSI, Unicode and in rows.The list specifies the physical file offset encoding and found the name of a variable or function .User variables are not processed by default , but you can add all of the values ??in the file you aev_uservars.txt, which should be in the directory with the program .Double click on the line opens a window with additional information about a variable : the virtual address , physical address , and cross-references to it.In the folder with the test file creates a log file with the search results .Subsequently , the obtained values ??may be used in the program.


Armadillo Environment Variables Injector - an auxiliary tool to bypass software protection based on the environment variables hinged protector Armadillo. After removing the Armadillo and restore the dump, using the Armadillo Environment Variables Injector you can add to an uncompressed file code that startup automatically sets environment variables to the desired values. Thus, there is no need to look for and patch testing environment variables in the program. Efficiency tested on Windows XP and Windows 7, including 64-bit systems. Supported executables and DLL-library. To find the names of the variables used in the file, you can use the utility Armadillo Environment Variables Finder.

Armadillo Environment Variables Injector allows you to inject code in two ways to choose from: in an empty area at the end of the code section, or by adding a new section to the executable.

If you are using a decompression ArmaGeddon, then do not put a check on the option "Minimize size", as in this case, the patch by adding a new section will be impossible. To remove sections of the tread after unpacking I recommend to use the program CFF Explorer.


 how it works.rar



Armadillo Environment Variables Finder.rar


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