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Prince Elf

Building an Android Application

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Prince Elf


The project is to reverse engineer a few already existing android applications.


And merge them into a single application that will function as


.                        DESCRIPTION                 .


  • An ebook reader (Moonreader Pro)



The library can connect to cloud accounts and external net librarires

{A very useful functionality}



There are many control functions

Including Text-to-Speech {important}



And many ebook formats are readable




An amazing adition to all those preloaded functions would be the addition of :

  • Speed reader (Reedy. Intelligent Reader)




Which givess the ability to read really much faster, and learn to read faster.




{Being able to run the speed reading function, simultanously with the TextToSpeech. Would be an incredible bonus!


  • Audiobook player / manager (Librivox / Audacity)







  • Podcast player





  • Torrent browser and downloader (Kickass Torrents Pro)



The ability for user to search the site for torrents, and download them.

To specified folder


{Additionally creating torrents would be fantastic too}



  • Android apps that have these fuctions (above, the suggestion are open to better options. If you know something better than fell welcomed to mention it)



  • Programs for reverse engineering the code and modifying + merging the code (Help please!)



  • Knowledge how to do it (Help Please!)



If something rings a bell, or you have any ideas, information or suggestions


Please share.


Any information that can set the bearings, where, how, wh, which way, what else to know, what else to do, and anything else you want to say on the topic.

You are most welcome and invited.




Universal Flow University - UfU - https://universalflowuniversity.com






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