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Flexera Cryptographic stuff

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If someone ever gave a shot to bruteforce the cryptographic keys used inside the flexera licensing scheme, this tool might be handy. Just wrote it for fun during lazy sunday :)


Flexera uses 3 secret keys (lm_seeds each 32 bit) based on the RNG of sb_rngFIPS186Session function provided by Certicom Security Builder libraries. which is used to generate the elliptical curve point called real public key. This cryptographic public key is further obfuscated according to the software vendor to make a lm_public key which is supplied with the software and can be debugged easily.


To make a proper keygen without any patching first step is to get this vendor independent cryptographic real public key from your debugged one. Then second step is to find a mapping somehow from this to get the 3 secrets.


This tools will help in the first part. And a text file is attached as a sample for the second part.

Please feel free to utilize or throw away, it's upto you. There will be no updates :)


If someone is feeling lucky his key might get hit even in the sample file :)


Note: May need .Net 4.5 and also Take care of the GIGO process ;)


My tool ------>brute_flexera.rar


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Cool share +1

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Thanks for the share. It is really going to be handy. :)

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